Royal Military Police Association

South Wales Branch

Maintaining the bonds of friendship

Branch Membership

The Branch extends a warm welcome to all serving and retired members of the Royal Military Police, Regular or Territorial Army and members of the WRAC Provost.  In addition those soldiers who during their tour of duty were attached to the Military Police are welcomed as Honorary Members.

Our next Branch gathering meeting will be  our Christmas Dinner being held on Friday 7th December  2018, for further details e-mail the Branch Secretary by clicking on the  link below.  Serving or former members of the Corps visiting South Wales are always welcome to  join us at any of our meetings


 For additional information or if you would like to join us for a beer and some food please contact us via the link enquiries@rmpasouthwales.org.uk


Welcome to the website of the Royal Military Police Association (RMPA) South Wales Branch, the Branch was  re-established on the 10th September 2011. The Branch catchment area is everything south of a line drawn between Aberystwyth in West Wales and Ludlow in Shropshire in the East. Membership of the Association is open to all who are serving or who have served in the Royal Military Police or WRAC Provost and their antecedence elements.

The Association

The Association was formed to promote a lasting bond of friendship between past and present members of the Military Police and their families in times of need. And we hope that our Branch will continue that long tradition.

Well you've found us, so why not take a moment or two to have a look around, if you would like further information about the Branch, membership or just information on when and where we will next be meeting for a beer and a trip down memory lane, you can contact the Branch secretary via the e-mail link on the membership page.

Welfare is a big part of what we do, as soldiers we would never leave a 'man' down and that ethos continues through with us to 'civvi street'.  Veterans, former Corps members and  their families, as a Branch we can offer welfare support during the darker days.  If you need support of any kind please make contact with us via the enquiries link  on this page or the membership page.


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